Bhadohi: Reviving memories of the British era, a sordid act of flogging an inmate by the authorities of Sub-Jail of Gyanpur in Bhadohi district has yet again raised questions over the inhumane behaviour of jail staff of the state towards undertrials and prisoners.

The ‘Talibani’ behaviour of jail staff has reminded people of the treatment given to Indian prisoners during the British era.

A prisoner identified as Chotu made a futile effort to escape from the sub-jail of Gyanpur on Saturday. Annoyed over the issues, the jail staff dragged the prisoner to the outer portion of the sub-jail. He was hanged upside with a tree and beaten black and blue. The officials themselves led the brutal attack on hapless Chotu.

The cries of help from Chotu failed to draw any attention, as being a Saturday there were not many people present in the outer section of the jail.

The team of Dainik Jagran exposed the inhumane act of the jail authorities which surpassed all acts of cruelty.
When asked about this issue, Deputy Jailor DK Singh in his defense said, “As the inmate had tried to run away for the second time, the step taken against him is completely justified.”

However, DIG Allahabad range, BK Jain said, “The act by jail staff is unfortunate, and if they are found guilty during the investigation, strict action would be initiated against them.”

(JPN/ Bureau)