The kissing scenes between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were shortened by the board but Imtiaz says the cuts cuts were not a major blow to the movie.
"I didn't have big problems with censor board. They were quite okay with what our film was and gave few suggestions... They were very reasonable and therefore I was also reasonable with them. It wasn't such a severe blow," Imtiaz said.

"There were words, which censor board wanted us to beep. nThe board is sensitive to certain words against women and I don't have a big case against them really. Anything that fringed on that, they wanted us to mute."
The movie, which was given a U/A certificate, will release this Friday. Asked if  censorship affects a director's craft, Imtiaz said, "Anything a director makes and it gets cut by censor board will be resented by the director. It's the rule of the game."
The "Jab We Met" helmer, however, feels filmmakers should be responsible towards society. "I want to be responsible when I am making a film. I have been very influenced by cinema and the morality that it
extends on us when I was growing up," he said.


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