Sania Mirza was appointed the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region by UN Women at an event held to mark the International Day To End Violence Against Women on Tuesday, where she reportedly said that "women face discrimination and are treated like animals".

"Just to make a couple of things very clear - I did NOT say that there is no respect for women in India..i am the ambassador for the region," she tweeted.

"And I would never be where I am today if the country had'nt given me all this love...but I am fortunate, very fortunate...there are milllions-of women who are less fortunate in this part of the world, and have been victims of abuse, physical or sexual, have not been allowed to follow their dreams cause they were a 'girl'!," Sania wrote on the social networking site.

The Grand Slam winner on Tuesday said she intends to educate women about gender equality, which, in her opinion, is a cultural problem where women feel they are second-class citizens.

"I have made myself very clear..and will stand for what I believe in and address the issue of gender inequality," the 28-year-old tweeted.

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