New Delhi: Dinesh Trivedi episode forced Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to present balanced budget in the Parliament on Friday. Mukherjee did not take risk in his budget given the poor showing of the Congress in the recently concluded assembly polls in five states.

Allocating enough funds for the social sector, Mukherjee put the ball in the Parliament’s court over the issue of inevitable reforms.  No allocation was made for long-standing demand of labour reforms in industries.

Similarly, the important issues like pension, banking insurance and FDI are already under consideration with the Standing Committee of the Parliament.

In order to meet the fiscal deficit of the budget, the Finance Minister has made an effort to increase the service taxes. In fact, the present political scenario has left no options for Mukherjee to take more requisite steps.

The way West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee raised the issue of inflation made it clear that she could create ripple in and outside the Parliament if the Finance Minister takes any reformative steps. Didi has already demanded roll back of passenger fare hike made by her own lieutenant, Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi.

Mukherjee seemed to be cozying Mamata in his budget. A flood control project worth Rs 439 crore at Murshidabad district in WB has been approved in this budget.

Given the minority status in the Upper House, the Union Government is not in a position to annoy its allies or the parties extending their supports to it from outside. The Trinamool Congress MPs had stalled the Parliament over the issue of FDI in retail in last year.