New Delhi: Coming on the heels of the Centre’s move to hike petrol price, the Delhi government has also decided to increase the registration price of diesel-run cars by 25 percent on the existing amount from Thursday.

With this, Delhi has become the first state in the country for imposing separate slabs of road tax on diesel and petrol vehicles.

After the recommendation from Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna on Thursday, the notification in this regard will be released. With this new slab of road tax, car sales will get affected.

According to Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), the number of total vehicles in Delhi is nearly 65 lakh, out of which 21 lakh are cars.

In order to prevent the spurt in numbers of cars, the road tax of 4-10 percent had been imposed on private vehicles last year which will now increase to 5-12.5 percent depending on the model of the diesel car.

According to the government, the pollution is growing from diesel cars. In order to reduce the use of diesel cars, the Delhi government has decided to increase road tax.