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Different ways of styling your kitchen

Kitchen is the perfect place where you start your day. Naturally, you will want to decorate kitchen according to your comfort and wish. But it’s difficult to decide that what kind of kitchen suits you. To solve your problems, here ‘Sakhi’ presents you some important styling of kitchen.

For Bachelor’s kitchen:

5 essentials:

1)    Toaster

2)    Vegetable Peeler

3)    Slow cooker

4)    Air-dry Wine Glass Dryer

5)    Perfect Pasta Timer

1. A bachelor needs organised kitchen.  As the working process of men in kitchen is quite different from that of women, the kitchen should be designed keeping in mind men’s convenience.

2) Open kitchens are better for bachelors. Neither go for a big kitchen nor stuff it with unnecessary decorative. But it should have a wardrobe. Keep two burner stove or an induction cooker.

3) Might be your kitchen is smaller in size but it must have a window. Apart from this, sink should be closer to the window.

4) Place a pan rack on the left side of gas to hang frying pan, cooking pots and spoons so that inconvenience can be reduced.

5) Silver oak colour is best suited for bachelor kitchen as it allows enough light and energy in your kitchen.

For working couple

1.    Modular kitchen is perfect for working couple.

2.    Go for that kitchen which houses your all requirements. But try to make it simple so that you have enough time for yourself.

3.    Kitchen with zero maintenance is ideal for newly married couple.

4.    Apart from that, you should have enough space to keep refrigerator, microwave, tandoor and dishwasher in your kitchen.

5.    Steel and wood combined kitchen is must and you should have storage system. Stainless steel sink, counter top and oven give complete contemporary look to your kitchen.

6.    You can choose your favourate colour in modular kitchen because it is very easy.

7.    Choose colour except red or blue for your kitchen. Hot pink, brunt orange, teal and crispy green apple is in vogue now.

8.    If you want, you can make a bar space in the corner of your kitchen so that you will spend romantic evening in your weekend.

5 important things:

1.    Speed cook oven

2.    Dishwasher

3.    Freezer

4.    Coffee and spice grinder

5.    Food processor

For nuclear family

1.    Kitchen should be in the size of 8x8 feet.

2.    Keep cooking place away from your washing area.

3.    Storage space is important so that you can put wet vegetables and all things in that.

4.    Keep your refrigerator in your kitchen.

5.    Counter should be in RCC base and granite flap is important.

6.    Pine kitchen is better for nuclear family.

7.    Put drop leak table like wall hung dining furniture so that you can fold it. Make a breakfast bar and keep folding chair with it so that you keep it aside whenever you will not need it. Keep microwave drawer.

8.    Natural light facility as well as overhead spot light is necessary.

9.    Keep stainless steel worktops and high glass units.

10.    Keep monochromatic colour scheme.

11.    Put horizontal handle of your drawer so that you have enough space for hanging towel. Put big floor tiles so that your kitchen looks bigger.

5 most important things:

1.    Dishwasher

2.    Large oven

3.    Bar style table and stool

4.    Corner cupboard

5.    Wall hung racks.

For senior citizenship

1.    Now you feel uncomfortable in moving in the older age. So adjust kitchen according to your comfort to reduce physical stress. Keep all your kitchen utensils around you. Here are some tips which can help you to make your kitchen more convenient.

2.    Choose such kind of flooring which is easy to clean. For this, select ceramic tiles, textured tiles, bamboo or same kind of floor materials so that you do not slip and fall down.

3.    Modular kitchen is the best option for senior citizen. You can easily use lower cabinet of it.

4.    Select safe layout for your kitchen. Keep a window in front of it for ventilation.

5.    Do not use stairs. If you stay in ranch home, just level the stairs or make slope so that you can avoid frequent ups and downs.

6.    Make an open or spacious kitchen so that you have enough space for walking.

7.    Kitchen should be near your dining area. Because it is easy for you to lift up any old heavy cutlery or dishes to the dining table. If you want, you can also use tray for taking your cutlery, but for this your kitchen flooring should be flat (without stairs).

8.    Natural light is necessary for old age persons.

9.    There should be an arrangement for one table and two chairs sets in your kitchen so that you can take some rest while cutting the vegetables or cooking. In addition to this, you can also use this for your breakfast.

10.    Select light colour for your kitchen so that it looks clean and open.

5 important things:

1.    Vibrating liquid level indicator.

2.    Microwave.

3.    Food processor.

4.    Pour holder.

5.    Non-slip place mat.

Kitchen for big family:

5 essentials:

1)    Slow cooker/Crockpot

2)    Meat Tenderizer

3)    Food Processor

4)    Stockpot

5)    Toast and egg Maker

Usually this kind of family has domestic helpers for kitchen works. They need a big and open aired kitchen. As the domestic helpers do 80 percent of kitchen works, you need a special counter and burner to cook something special for your family.

1)    Laser kitchen is the best for big families. It has double set of kitchen utensils and appliances. Laser kitchen also has a bar.

2) It should have cabinets to keep two refrigerators.

3)    There should be two sinks in your kitchen while one is to be used for washing dishes, utensils, smaller one should be placed at one corner of kitchen to do little tasks.

4)    You should have 2 ovens. While one should be with 6 burners and other one should be a two burners oven.

5)    Use granite flap. The counter must have RCC base to avoid scratch marks on platform while chopping something.

6)    To give your kitchen a big and tidy looks, select tiles floor for your kitchen.

7)    The coulour of kitchen should be beige or oak as it allows light in your kitchen.

8)    7) If you have a bigger place, you can place a dining table in kitchen so that family member can sit there and enjoy with the home-maker while she is cooking. Live cooking is an utter enjoyment.

Courtesy: Sakhi (Illa Shrivastava)   

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