New Delhi: The residents in national capital have to pay for electricity in accordance with the consumption of power in different hours. The new rates will be divided into happy hour and peak hour as per the demand of electricity.

According to the proposed scheme, the consumers have to pay more for power consumption during peak hours while the rates would be less for happy hours.

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) is of the opinion that the new initiative would serve the interests of both consumers and power distribution companies or discoms in a better way.

The DERC has permitted the discoms to go ahead with the plan. If things go well as per the proposed plan, by the next year companies would charge consumers more for power consumption during morning and evening hours (peak hours) and lesser in the (happy hours).

The new plan was proposed as the discoms often purchase power in excess of the buying limit for which they have to pay more to the power generators.

According to officials, the lower rate in happy hours will encourage consumers to use lesser power in the peak hours and therefore it will reduce the load in peak hours.

DERC Chairman P D Sudhakar said, “The discom companies have to pay more to the power generating companies after a certain limit, while they have to provide power to the consumers on the same rates. Besides, the power generating companies prefer to supply power only to those discoms which pay more.”

DERC after looking into this matter has permitted the distributing companies to charge on the basis of happy and peak hours, he added.