New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday warned that the Indian economy was passing through "difficult times due to influences beyond (our) control".

Addressing the Congress Working Committee (CWC) here, he urged Congress activists to educate the public about the "canards and falsehoods" spread against the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.

"These are difficult times for our country and the economy caused to a large extent by circumstances over which we have little or no control," he said."It is very important for all the leaders and workers of the Congress to educate the public about the canards and falsehoods being spread by those who are opposed to us," said Singh.

Without naming Team Anna and Baba Ramdev, the Prime Minister refuted allegations that the government was corrupt and not serious about bringing back the black money stashed by Indians abroad.

"It is alleged that in every area of its activity, our government has swindled unbelievable amounts of money... Every day one hears of astronomical sums of black money that can be brought back in one stroke... Nothing can be farther from truth," said Singh.

Stating that his government was committed to tackling corruption and had taken legislative and administrative action, he stressed the need to fight the opposition."The misinformation being spread by disparate, desperate elements unified by their opposition to our government needs to be tackled effectively," said the prime minister.


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