The Parliament session after a very long time has begun without any hindrances and adjournments. But looking at the attitude of UPA’s coalition partners over the Union Budget and the NCTC, tough times await the government. Fear of the budget session meeting with the same fate as previous Parliamentary sessions is very high. The constant obstacle in carrying out legislative work in the Parliament has left many bills pending which is adversely affecting the development of the country. The irony remains that in spite of realizing that important legislations are pending, the UPA is doing nothing, rather it is just whiling away time. Some bills are pending since the first term of the UPA government. Other bills like the Land Acquisition Bill demands immediate attention but nothing is being done for its passage. Presenting the Rail Budget and the Union Budget these days have become a herculean task for the government. It is because the coalition partners are proving to be a bigger hurdle than the opposition. A befitting example of this is the objection raised by Mamata Banerjee over the passenger fare hike in the Rail Budget. The way she has bragged about forcing the government to wave off service tax in the past, it seems that Didi will demand some changes in the budget too.

The problem does not lie in Mamata Banerjee raising objections, but arm twisting the government to meet her demands is not fair. Another coalition partner the DMK has been treading on a similar path. The Centre is not in good terms with the coalition partners which are supporting the party from outside. Neither is it in good terms with the opposition. The Opposition has termed the government as stubborn due to its differences with coalition partners. No matter what excuses the government gives for this but the fact remains that the UPA has not worked in tandem with its allies by taking them into confidence. If the Centre keeps backtracking on issues of national importance then it will do no good to its image.