New Delhi: Despite Mumbai being the epicenter of a number of terror attacks in the past few years, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan is of the view that the nation’s commercial capital would be blast free in the coming days.

However, the government is trying hard to avert any possible terrorist attack in Mumbai.

While talking to News 24 editor-in-chief Anuradha Prasad, Chavan has cleared that it is impossible to check each and every individual in the state but maintained that Mumbai police has surely learnt lessons from 26/11. Hence, it is now in a better position to tackle any new problem related to terror.


Is it not true that the senior official in Mumbai police have failed to work together against the terrorist organisations? There is no synchronization between the ATS and the Crime Branch.

It is not true. ATS and the Crime Branch are doing their work collectively. If this was not the case, then J Dey murder case wouldn’t have been solved so early.

There is a notion that you are not very proactive in clearing files. Also, you have very less Cabinet meetings.

False allegations are being levied on me. Correct facts and figures can be attained through the RTI. My main focus is on women, minority and dalit cases and programs. Also my main focus remains on the projects which are beneficial for the people of the state.

Do you still stick to your statement where you had mentioned that it would be better if the Home department of the state is controlled by the Congress?

Media has given a lot of attention to my statement and I stick to it. But the present condition is prevailing from the time when Congress-NCP used to have a collision government in Maharashtra. Can you even imagine a scenario where the Home Ministry is not under the Congress in the Manmohan Singh government?

(JPN/ Bureau)