New Delhi, Jan 28 (Agencies): In remarks that could stir a fresh political controversy, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday reportedly blamed the Partition of India on RSS ideologue Veer Savarkar.

"Savarkar had the original idea of the two-nation theory which was later adopted by Jinnah," said Singh. "Extremist ideologies create division -- it's not healthy for society," he added.

Singh said this at a book launch function at the India Islamic Centre, and confirmed the remark to journalists later at the All-India Congress Committee headquarters on Thursday evening.

Digvijay said he mean to say that both Savarkar and Jinnah were non-believers: “All extreme ideological people are non-believers. A good Hindu or a good Muslim is always a believer,” he said.

On Friday, he found a supporter in CPI-M politburo member Sitaram Yechury who said Partition occurred because Hindu and Muslim extremists were bent on it.

"The partition of India happened because the twin radical strains of both Hindutva and Islam were adamant. But despite the fact that India became a secular republic, attempts are being made to convert it into a Hindutva state," Yechury said.

He further alleged that the violent nature of Hinduism as propagated by RSS was not recent.

"The violent strain in Hindutva is very old. The two-nation theory as reminded to us by Digvijay Singh was propounded by Savarkar, who also spoke about militarising Hindu dharma and 'Hindu-ising' all politics," Yehcury said.

‘Sanghi terrorism’

Singh also accused BJP governments of sheltering those affiliated to RSS and allegedly involved in terror strikes, terming it as "Sanghi terrorism".

Singh told a national seminar of civil rights groups here that highlighted the plight of Muslim youths "wrongly" arrested in terror cases, that this needed to be fought

He demanded that the sources of funding of the organisations affiliated to the RSS be probed. "It is necessary to enquire from where these organizations are
getting funds. From where are they getting international funding also needs to be examined".

"All those who are making bombs run away to Gujarat and they get shelter there... Swami Aseemanand settled there. Who gave his organisation the forest land? The governments of
BJP give shelter to such elements. There is a need to keep an
eye on them," Singh said.
However, when asked about the basis of his accusation, he said it was his own view.