Guna: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh has favoured bringing the Prime Minister and the higher judiciary under the ambit of Lokpal.
"My view is that the Prime Minister, Judiciary, NGOs and industrial houses should also be brought under the ambit of Lokpal. But there should be a system to ensure that the Lokpal does not misuse its power," Singh told reporters at his hometown Raghogarh.
"When I was the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, I had brought the CM's post under the purview of Lokayukta (Ombudsman)," he said.
However, in an apparent reference to civi rights activists like Anna Hazare, Singh said "exerting of pressure" on government by a few people was not right in a democratic

Asked on Uma Bharti's return to the BJP, Singh said she would pose a "big challenge" to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
"Uma is in the habit of nursing a grudge. That's why she poses the biggest threat to Chouhan. She won't forget those people who played a role in her ouster as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister," he said.
On the stone pelting incident at his residence in Bhopal, the Congress leader said he "fears that people with right-wing Hindu fundamentalist ideology might throw a bomb at
his place."
"As far as my security is concerned, I have left it to God," Singh said.

"Anna Hazare should take part in the meetings of the joint draft committee preparing the Lokpal Bill, instead of speaking against the government," Singh said.
He said there was no difference between the protests by Hazare and Ramdev, and that "the RSS has taken the help of both of them to divert people's attention, after its name was
linked with Hindu terrorism."

Singh said the UPA government was serious over the issues of corruption and black money. "Agreements have been signed with 23 foreign countries to bring back black money from

Ramdev's fast a drama

Firing a fresh salvo, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh today dubbed as "drama"
Ramdev's nine-day-old fast and said there was no need for any further talks with the yoga guru since most of his demands had been met.
"I am very happy that this 'nautanki (drama)' has now come to an end. Government has accepted most of his demands, so there is no need to talk," Singh told reporters in Bhopal.
Maintaining that there was no need for him to go on a hunger strike, he said, "Now, we should get on and have faith in the government which is really sincere about unearthing
black money."
He also accused the yoga guru of "turning secret donations into white money" and asked him to name the person who had "secretly donated" a helicopter to him.
"Ramdev, who is demanding that the names of people with black money should be made public, should name the person who had secretly donated a helicopter to him," Singh said.
"He is bringing secret donations under the tax free category, making them white, and accumulating huge capital," Singh alleged in his home town Raghogarh in Guna last evening.
Holding that this went against the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, he demanded an inquiry into it.
Taking a potshot at Ramdev, he wondered from where the figure of Rs 400 lakh crore in black money stashed away abroad has cropped up.
"Slowly and gradually, things are becoming clear, which is why, the RSS and BJP have started distancing themselves from him," he said.
He also said his attempted escape from Ramlila ground in Delhi "was not a satyagraha, but a nautanki".