New Delhi: Taking strong exception to Comptroller and Auditor General of India Vinod Rai’s speech, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Friday said that "If CAG does not want to do audit what else will it do? What does he want to be? The Prime Minister?”

The statement came a day after Vinod Rai hit headlines by saying that the public auditor would endeavour to uncover instances of crony capitalism.

Reacting to his statement, Digvijay said that if he (Vinod Rai) has so much of problem with the system then he should join politics. Digvijay added that the government doesn’t need any advice from the CAG and that the CAG should stick to its work.

Vinod Rai, whose reports on various scams had raised hackles of those in government, had on Thursday said the public auditor would endeavour to uncover instances of crony capitalism and counselled the government to support enterprises per se and not entrepreneurs.

"We may not be able to wipe out corruption, but our endeavour is to uncover instances of crony capitalism. Government should be seen to support enterprise per se and not particular entrepreneurs," he said in a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Rai, who was been criticised by the Indian government for reports on various scams like in telecom, coal etc, said adding the role of a public auditor cannot be confined to merely placing its report in Parliament.

On the issue of the CAG exceeding its mandate, Rai observed that since the Indian democracy is maturing and the urban middle class is becoming more involved in citizen's affairs, "we continue to tread the new path in the belief that the final stakeholder is the public at large."


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