Several exit polls had on Monday evening suggested a clear majority for the BJP-led government at the Centre.

The NDA is projected to form the government at the Centre with exit polls giving between 249 and 290 seats to Modi-led alliance, which is close to the half-way mark in the 543-member Lok Sabha.

The ruling Congress-led UPA has been tipped to get between 101 and 148 seats while 'others', including regional parties and the Left, are projected to get between 146 and 156 seats, according to the exit polls shown on TV channels at the end of the ninth and last phase of Lok Sabha polls on Monday.

However, Digvijay Singh questioned that how is it possible to predict the right electoral result with a sample size of few lakhs in such a big country with around 800 million voters.

Digvijay also urged everyone to wait for 16th May when the actual results would be announced.

“In a Country of 800 Million Voters how can few Lakhs sample size surveys predict the result ? Let's wait for 16th May,” Digvijay tweeted on Tuesday.

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On the other hand, Omar branded all these exit polls as ‘great time pass’ and said the only exit poll that matters is the one slated on May 16th -  the actual day of results.

Slamming TV channels for their contradictory predictions, he questioned if all the TV channels were covering the same election as one channel has given Congress only two seats in Rajasthan while the other predicts 14 seats for them.

“The only exit poll that matters is the one that is slated for Friday, the rest are all great time pass,” Omar tweeted on Monday.

“So one channel gives Cong only 2 in Rajasthan & another gives them 14. Did these channels cover the same election?” he added.

Meanwhile, the Congress party had decided to snub all the exit polls related programmes on various TV channels on Monday as a part of its tradition.

Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmed said that in 2004 and 2009 general elections, the exit polls had been proved wrong.

Ahmed added that in one such exit poll last time, there was a gap of 68 seats between the predicted tally and the actual number of seats won by the party.


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