The Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh envisages two possibilities emerging out of the elections in Uttar Pradesh. Firstly, the Congress could win absolute majority and secondly, it may emerge as the single largest party in the state.

Speaking to a private news channel, the senior Congress leader made it clear that his party would not join hands with Samajwadi Party at any cost in order to form the government.


How are you so confident of Congress’ exceptional performance in the state?

People of Uttar Pradesh in the last 22 years have gained nothing out of the SP, BSP and BJP rule in the state. They are therefore eager for a change.

In 2007 the BSP was voted to power in a hope of providing better governance, but they too have disappointed the people. Now in the changed scenario, the tide has turned in favour of the Congress.

Is the Congress justified in playing the minority card?

This is a baseless allegation. In our 2009 manifesto, we had promised that if we were voted to power, we would make provisions of quota for the Muslims in government jobs on the lines of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.  In each of these states the Pasmanda Muslims have been highly benefited by the reservation.

I don’t understand how raising the issues mentioned in our manifesto goes against the directives of the Election Commission?

How do you foresee the intense campaigning launched by Rahul Gandhi in UP elections?

Rahul Gandhi is showing exemplary commitment and perseverance during campaigning in the state. It is his sincere efforts which have created favourable conditions for Congress candidates in the state.

Who will be the CM if the party is voted to power?

Our newly elected MLAs will unanimously choose a leader. Even I became the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in a similar way. In 2007, Tarun Gogoi was made the Chief Minister based on the same lines.

Uma Bharti is making repeated claims that she will defeat the Congress in UP as it did in Madhya Pradesh?

I am surprised to see Uma Bharti back in the BJP who had once severely criticised senior party leader LK Advani and had even declared not to make a comeback in the party. I think she will hardly be able to retain her own seat in the election.  

(JPN/ Bureau)