"BJP wants to deprive poor of Food Security in India. It shows its true colour of being anti-poor. Modi doesn't trust BJP Parliamentary Party to raise right issues on Food Security Bill and writes directly to the Prime Minister," Singh said.

His comments came a day after Modi wrote to the Prime Minister seeking a meeting of Chief Ministers on the Bill.

Strongly defending Modi, BJP leader Ravishankar Prasad Prasad said, "It's a very welcome suggestion as Modi had suggested improvements in the Bill.”

“BJP condemns the low-level politics by the Congress general secretary,” Prasad added.

"Digvijay Singh is known for making irresponsible statements. Hope that his party will clarify whether it was the party opinion or that of Singh. Hope Congress will definitely ask him," he said.

Singh had earlier tweeted in the morning – ‘6 communal incidents in 2 months in Bihar, Communal violence in Kishtwar, in Tonk in Rajasthan. I had warned BJP shall target non-BJP states.’


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