New Delhi: Raking up the issue of RSS-Team Anna "nexus", Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Friday alleged that Mohan Bhagwat, Anna Hazare and Govindacharya are "contradicting" one another over the issue.

"I don't know whom to believe! Anna, RSS Chief, Govindacharya, Bhayyu Joshi of RSS or Baba Ramdev? All contradicting each other. Anna ki Jai Ho," Singh sarcastically commented on the microblogging site Twitter.

Sticking to his allegation that RSS was behind Anna movement, the AICC general secretary recalled that Team Anna had even thanked RSS and BJP chief Nitin Gadkari for their support.

"I charge RSS behind Anna movement. Govindacharya – RSS workers organised Anna movement. Anna team-Thanks RSS for their help and thank Gadkari.

"RSS Chief- claim their support to Anna. Anna denies their support. Bhayyu Joshi from RSS calls Anna ungrateful.RSS Chief reiterates support. Anna again denies RSS support. Now RSS Chief retracts and says RSS not supporting Anna. Baba Ramdev says RSS supporting Anna. Anna denies again," Singh said in three of his tweets on Friday in an attempt to point out the contradiction in their remarks.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari had called the claims and counter claims on RSS support to Anna's agitation as a "cat and mouse game" and demanded that the truth behind it must come out in public.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had on Thursday said that Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement had its support and its activists were not barred from joining the campaign but the outfit noted it had no 'official' link with the Gandhian.

 Hazare, however, denied that RSS was supporting his movement saying, "I have no relations with the RSS". He had also alleged that he was being targeted.