"The attitude of the BJP is illustrative of double standards (practiced) by them. They cry hoarse on the issue where someone else is involved. But when one of them is involved, they keep quiet," Digvijay Singh said.

The Congress leader also took a dig at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. "If Narendra Modi wants the justice to be done... he should make public the judicial commission report on murder of two boys, who were living in Gujarat ashram of Asaram Bapu. Why has he not taken action against the culprits who are involved in this," he said.

"I think he (Modi) has become very conscious about his image," Digvijay Singh added.

He questioned why BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, who was vocal on issue of crimes against women, was quiet on a minor girl's allegation of sexual assault against Asaram Bapu. "Sushma Swaraj (is) the most vocal face of the BJP on the issue of atrocities against women. Why did she keep quiet," Singh asked.

Responding to Digvijay Singh, Sushma Swaraj tweeted, "There is no one big or small. And law will take its own course."


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