Singh, a known detractor of Modi, also dismissed Modi's talk of inclusive politics, wondering can a leopard change its spots.

Soon after Modi addressing his NRI supporters via a video conference, the AICC general secretary trained his guns on the BJP’s PM candidate through the community microblogging site Twitter seeking to dismiss the criticism of the government by Modi and alleging that the latter was giving "fake figures" of growth during the NDA regime.

"Good to hear Modi talking about Inclusive Politics. But can a leopard change its spots? FEKU MODI at his best. Giving fake figures of growth during NDA regime," Singh tweeted.

Going interactive on the Internet medium, Singh also appeared addressing the electorate telling them, "Congress empowers YOU// Modi empowers HIMSELF! Choice is yours! Modi wants CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT AND WE WANT BHOOK MUKT BHARAT ! He backs PRIVILEGED Congress backs UNDERPRIVILEGED.Choice is yours !”

As Modi slammed the UPA government over various issues including slow growth rate, and said that people have lost faith in the UPA government, the Congress general secretary retorted that the UPA has fulfilled every promise made and empowered people by giving Rights on Information, Education, Food Security and Rights to women and tribals and also the Right to Work.

He was apparently referring to UPA's schemes like RTI, RTE, Food Security, MNREGA and other similar right based measures taken during the two successive UPA governments.

"The list can go on. Would Modi have courage to debate with one of us on issues of governance, development and other National Issues?," he said.

Alluding to post-Godhara riots in Gujarat, corruption issues in some BJP-ruled states and cash on camera scandal involving a former BJP President in past, Singh ridiculed Modi’s claim that people are looking at BJP to bring a positive change in the nation and wondered will it be "Because thousands were killed in communal riots? Because rules were bent to favour the favourites! Because of Bangaru Laxman caught on camera".

The Congress leader was also acerbic in his criticism of the Gujarat Chief Minister over his praise of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. "Modi- "Atalji's was a Golden Era"// Because Modi didn't follow Raj Dharm? Parliament was attacked by Terrorists?Terrorists were released?," Singh tweeted.

Praising the six-year tenure of NDA under the leadership of Vajpayee, Modi said, "Under Vajpayee government it looked like that the 21st century would be the century of India. But with his departure, the downfall started."


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