Referring to reports that the Chinese Foreign Ministry has expressed satisfaction over the Prime Minister's statement that Tibet was an integral part of China, Singh charged that the government had made a ‘major departure’ from the stated position of India.

"I think it is a major departure from the stated position of India. Have we not compromised? Would Mr PM pl explain?" Singh said on twitter.

Further, taking objection to reports that the Chinese President had asked the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to be combat ready to win a "regional war", Singh tweeted that, "President China asks PLA to be ready for a Regional War within a week of his so claimed successful visit to India! What went wrong Mr Modi?"

In another tweet, former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Singh, a known detractor of Modi, attacked him over the map controversy sparked by the alleged distribution of a handout by an official of the Gujarat government which purportedly shows Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory.

"Indian Territory shown by Maps given by Gujarat Govt as disputed Territory! Nationalism/Patriotism Gujarat Style? Would PM/CM Gujarat Act?" Singh said.

Soon after Congress had raised the map issue on Monday, Gujarat government responded saying the map was not part of the memoranda signed with China.

"The map shows the location of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City in China. The map was neither signed by any officials of the Gujarat government nor endorsed by Government of Gujarat.

"The map shows the location and other data such as geographical area, population, etc. The map was not part of the MoU signed," the state government had said in a statement last evening.

India is faced with an incursion into the Chumar area of Ladakh by PLA troops who are showing no signs of withdrawing in a stand-off which has now lasted more than 10 days.

Meanwhile, Youth Congress President Rajiv Satav also took a dig at BJP over the Chinese incursion into Indian territory and the map controversy.

"7 Chinese Tent houses at #Chumar; No Aksai Chin in Indian map. What was the $20 bn deal for? #MainDeshNahiJhukneDunga," Satav said in a tweet ridiculing one of the key slogans of BJP and Modi during Lok Sabha polls.

In another tweet, he said, "The DD newsreader who interpreted Xi as 11 was sacked by #Modisarkar. What'll they do wid d person who marked J&K and Arunachal as disputed?".

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