New Delhi: In response to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s request to Sheila Dikshit to declare a gazetted holiday on 'Chhath' puja, Sheila Dikshit has written a letter to him saying that holiday on this occasion is not possible because official here have already been availing leave on this day.

She said any official in Delhi administration can take holiday on the Chhat puja day as it has been declared as a restricted holiday.

Dikshit said her government had declared restricted holiday on the occasion of 'Chhath' puja in 2001 and the same is being continued thereafter, adding there is prescribed limit for gazette holidays and the Delhi Government has already exhausted the limit.

"I hope you will understand the difficulty in declaring it as a public holiday," Dikshit wrote in her letter to Kumar.

In his letter, Kumar had said, "Lakhs of people from Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern part of Uttar Pradesh stay in the national capital and they will offer prayer to the Sun during 'Chhatha' on November one.”

"It will give me immense pleasure if Delhi government declares November one as public holiday," Kumar said in the letter.

It may be noted that the national capital has a sizable number of residents from Bihar and Purvanchal who can play a crucial role in any election here.