Till the merciless killing of Muammar Gaddafi, it has been a story of bullets over ballots in the war-torn Libya. Undoubtedly, Muammar Gaddafi ran his empire for 42 long years through dictatorial means and he himself reiterated that democracy had no place in Libya. Therefore, Gaddafi begging for his life just moments before his hardhearted killing failed to shock people because most of the dictators have met with a similar fate. Even though entire Libya is drenched in celebrations, the bitter reality cannot be ignored that western nations who went hammer and tongs at Libya in the recent campaign had backed the African nation for a period of more than four decades. After Gaddafi’s elimination, US and European nations have underlined the emergence of new era for Libya. While US President has heaped praises on NATO led successful campaign in Libya, one well remembers his handshake with Gaddafi during an international summit around two years back. Barring a brief period of 42 years, Gaddafi during his entire regime had maintained an affable relation with US and European nations. Now US and European nations are busy clarifying that they clubbed hands against Gaddafi because people of Libya following the footsteps of Tunisia and Egypt have raised their voice for democracy. One cannot overlook that Libyans were inspired by the Arab uprising and the democratic forces of the country on several occasions have tried to topple the Gaddafi regime. Albeit, the US and European nations did not feel the need in past to initiate an action against the dictatorial rule.

If forming a democracy in Libya through arms has been the modus operandi of France, England and US, one cannot rule out their interest to exploit the oil resources and streamline political strategies. The past conduct of western countries especially US has further fortified the belief. One still fails to understand the logic behind US attack on Iraq but ironically enough it has no issues with the repressive regime in Saudi Arabia. The manner in which US has shielded dictators who aided in fulfilling American interest displays an unmatched example. The wave of democracy is yet to hit several nations but use of weapons in the fight cannot be justified at any account. While the country is on the threshold of a new beginning, creating a democratic set up in Libya is far easier said than done. It is noteworthy that Iraq is still struggling for peace and faces instability. The future of Libya could have been far better if the western countries would have not supported the stubborn and barbaric dictator for so long.