The actress, who was part of 'Bigg Boss 8', shared the news of becoming a mother on Instagram and mentioned of an early delivery.

Here's what she wrote: "Our baby girl Reanna decided to come to us early with 100000 hugs 2000000 kisses and million cuddles waiting for her on 20th of June early our world up like eternal Christmas! I would like to thank all my friends and family for being with us through this journey and God almighty for blessing us and praying that He guides me on this new journey of parenthood every step of the way! Dugga! Dugga! Thank you daddypie @acidxxx for capturing this moment! Love you!"

Some of Dimpy's followers on Instagram, however, accused her of getting pregnant before marriage.

To which Dimpy's husband Rohit retorted:

The user replied back accusing Dimpy of being someone 'who can do anything for money and fame':

Dimpy's husband Rohit replied further saying, "@munni_babydoll......stop spreading your filth around...maybe you come from a world where a man doesnt defend his wife when a stray dog barks at her.....but unfortunately I have had the good fortune of belonging from a place where I have seen family stick if you ask me who I am to interfere....let me tell you you are trying to trash my wife and the mother of my child.....Just because you think marriage is for money fame etc (speaking from your own guilty conscience and experience I assume), isnt necessary why others get married too. I do hope someday the misfortunes of a girl that you are making a gossip of today comes back to haunt you someday, perhaps that day youll realise how classless your rant and thought sounds. Stop thinking about humanity, I dont even think your own family will be proud of you when they see how ugly amd pathetic your thoughts are! In the end your calculations, assumptions, thoughts and rants are as incorrect as your English! So I urge all our well wishers to ignore this low life and move on! After all whats the point in trying to put sense in someone who spells National as Nacional! Lol!"

Rohit also thanked fans for their support over the row.

In another comment on the photo, Rohit wrote, "@foreverbye14 Its sad to see such distasteful comment....Giving birth to a new life and new soul is the most pure and genuine and positive feeling that can happen in this world.....scrutinising and trying to rationalise our beautiful wedding with such lowly pathetic comments shows the severe lack of positivity in your life and appreciation of beautiful things.....Kindly stop stooping so low to spoil such a wonderful moment in a persons life....someday when you have your own you might realise how pointless your pathetic little analysis was....and if you already have your own little ones and still take the liberty to think and speak such stupid thoughts then I think you should try and get some help to bring out positivity! For the record, For all those who have such serious pathetic concerns let me clarify once and for all.....: 1) Its LOVE that brought @dimpy_g and me together and bonded us eternally in the sacred sanctity of MARRIAGE (With the best wishes of GOD, Our FAMILIES, Our LOVED ONES, and Our WELL WISHERS) 2) Its again LOVE that blessed our marriage with a beautiful healthy little Princess and we accept this as a beautiful gift from the GODS for our sincerity commitment and devotion towards each other. We are happy proud parents (Again With the best wishes of GOD, Our FAMILIES, Our LOVED ONES, and Our WELL WISHERS) Now when we marry, when we decide to have our kids, when they marry, when they decide to give us our grandkids is none of your nosy business! If you cant share our happiness and positive vibes, I suggest you take your negativity out of here and spam somewhere else! I would have loved to teach you a thing or two had you said these things to me in person, but alas annonimity of social media has made it all too easy for people to take such cheap swings at others sitting behind a faceless mask! Learn to LIVE LOVE AND RESPECT!"

Dimpy and Rohit tied the knot on November 27 last year.

Earlier, Dimpy was married to Rahul Mahajan on reality show 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. Dimpy split from Rahul following the couple's turbulent relationship.

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