New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday sought to downplay the Dinesh Trivedi episode, saying it is an internal affair of the government and it could not be discussed outside.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi while interacting with reporters outside Parliament sought to reaffirm that Trivedi is still the Railway Minister and Parliament will take a decision on the Rail Budget which was presented by him on Wednesday.

"Trivedi is the Railway Minister at the moment. It is a hypothetical question", he said when asked who could be Trivedi replacement.

Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee has opposed the Rail Budget immediately after it was presented on Wednesday on the grounds of increase in passenger fares.

Responding a query on who will be the next Railway Minister as Banerjee has asked the Prime Minister to remove Trivedi, he said, "It is an internal affair (of the government) and it cannot be discussed outside."

On the fate of the Rail Budget, he said that it has already been presented in Parliament which will take a decision on it.

"Budget has been presented in Parliament. Now Parliament has to decided whether to pass it or not," Alvi said, adding, "It is a coalition government and Trinamool is part of that coalition".