It is intriguing to understand that despite the circumstances created after Osama’s death, India will still continue dialogue with Pakistan and enforce them to take action against terror groups like Lashkar and Jaish. Our ministers and mandarins should not dissent from the reality that extending an olive branch to Pakistan has never fructified nor India’s firm stance on the issue related with border and terror ever heeded upon. Pakistan’s dilly-dallying on taking action against those who architected the 26/11 Mumbai carnage is enough to describe how India’s hard-pressed demand is being ridiculed and ignored. It is fair to continue dialogue and try to thaw relation with neighbouring country Pakistan which is unstable and posing a constant security threat to India, but it is equally important for India to overhaul its old and hackneyed equation with Pakistan. Albeit India makes tall claims of creating pressure on Pakistan, it is obvious that Pakistan remains unshakable. Moreover, it is only India which appears compelled to be flexible and friendly towards hardened and hawkish Pakistan. It seems that Pakistan has read India’s pulse and so the former browbeats latter when there is a logjam between the two countries. As Pakistan keeps raising issue on international arena, India has to reluctantly start a dialogue afresh. But how long will this continue?

India should adopt tough stand to bulldoze Pakistan’s sinister design to foment anti-India activities, whether dialogue with Pakistan remains alive? It would be wise for leaders and policy makers to take lessons from America. America treats Pakistan as a friend and supports it every way but when it is required it takes bold action and spells message that Pakistan is not a reliable country as far as fighting against terrorism is concerned. It seems India still declines the fact that the US will not come to defend India’s interests. India will have to sternly gird up lions to nip anti-India activities orchestrated by Pakistan on its own, because going by the face value of the aftermath of Osama, it is unlikely that America will sternly act against Pakistan as it had done with Iraq. The Saddam-led Iraq and Pakistan are almost akin. The fact of matter is that Pakistan is witnessing more anarchism and lawlessness and it has become a threat to the world. India should know that America achieved a big task by killing Osama bin Laden and probably it would pull out its army from Afghanistan. In thick of the situation, Pakistan might appear more fatal to India. It will be better for Indian establishment to shed its antediluvian policy regarding Pakistan and take brave front forward to combat terrorism.