Washington, Jan 27 (Agencies): The efforts of US President Barack Obama translated into results as the image of the country abroad has improved significantly in the last two years because of key diplomatic initiatives.

"It is our sense that America's image has dramatically improved in the last two years during the Obama Administration," Mike Hammer, said spokesperson of the National Security Council, White House.

"The top priorities that President Obama had coming into office was to re-establish America's standing in the world and to convey internationally that the United States was prepared, wanting to be engaged across the world on the global challenges that we face and wanted to look to develop relationships that were based on mutual interest and also mutual respect," he said.

The Administration also conveyed to the world that it was seeking partners, that it was interested in not only putting the relationship with the great powers on the right path, not only with Russia and China, as seen recently with President Hu Jintao's State visit, but also with emerging powers like India.

"President Obama is foremost focused on the American people, improving their economic situation, but in doing that the recognition that that's the way to advance that objective is also to improve lives and economic situations of people around the world," said Hammer.

In the middle of the economic crisis, he said Obama broadened the discussions and as a result G-20 has coordinated the economic policies that have avoided further financial crisis.

"In fact there are still issues economic around the globe needs to be addressed and continued to be worked on that," the spokesperson said.

"We have seen quite a bit of progress in terms of our overall foreign policy agenda and we are in a better place today than we were two years ago as a result of President Obama's initiatives and willingness to partner with other nations, again to address some of these key challenges that we face," Hammer said.

The NSC spokesperson said now there is a real willingness on the part of the foreign leaders to work with the US and that's the kind of spirit, Obama Administration wanted to foster and that's the kind of co-operation it seeks.