New Delhi: With a long unsettled boundary issue between India and China, the two countries will shortly have a joint working mechanism for cooperation and consultation over the issue with a direct linkage between their capitals.
Noting that most of the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) with China were focused on border areas such as "flag meetings", informed sources said, however, there are no discussions between headquarters-- Delhi and Beijing-- on a particular incident or particular situation on the boundary and the working mechanism is going to collect that information. There will be now a direct linkage between the Delhi and Beijing on the boundary situation.
"We are hoping that it will be there by this year. There is a little bit of urgency to this whole thing. We already have agreement in principle," they said.
The sources, while trying to downplay the ‘divergences’ between India and China, said the relationship with Beijing was "very important, very complex and very sensitive" and an ‘antagonistic’ attitude towards it would not be "prudent" in
India's interest and "will not serve any purpose".
They also maintained that the issue of increasing Chinese military capabilities was not only matter of concern for India but for countries around the world. There is an ‘assertive’ China and India has to live with that reality, the sources said.
They also tried to downplay the recent INS Aeravat and Chinese vessel incident in South China Sea saying that one should wonder why the piece was published by Western media.
According to the report, a Chinese Navy ship ‘confronted’ Indian vessel off the Vietnam coast, warning it against entering Chinese waters.