For long, these employees have been complaining that due care is not taken in catering to their special requirements while deciding their transfers and place of stay.
There are 15,747 persons with disabilities—visually handicapped, hearing handicapped and orthopedically handicapped--in various central government ministries or departments, according to a Personnel Ministry latest data.

"The facilities such as identification of jobs, post recruitment and pre-promotion training, assistive devices, free accessibility, preference in transfer or posting, special casual leave, etc have been identified as areas which require special attention," said an order issued yesterday by Ministry of Personnel.
The Directorate of Estates may give preference to the persons with disabilities for providing them accessible accommodation near their place of posting and they may be preferred for allotment of ground floor accommodation, it said.
"Possibility of existing housing accommodations being renovated to make them conveniently accessible to persons with disabilities be explored by the Directorate of Estates," the order said.

Each Central Government Ministry or department have been asked to identify the types of jobs which could be easily performed by them specially for Group B, C and D posts where the number of jobs are more.

Such persons should preferably be posted to perform identified jobs and they be allowed to continue doing so, it said.
“As far as possible, the persons with disabilities may be exempted from the rotational transfer policy or transfer and be allowed to continue in the same job, where they would have achieved the desired performance,” the Ministry said.


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