We talk about human values. We never care to inculcate these qualities in our society and schools be it a government school or private. Surprisingly, education on sex awareness in schools is becoming prominent but human values which are our ancestral properties and foundation of Indian society have no significance in present educational system.

The saying ‘End of Education is Character’ goes missing in the minds of frame-makers of society. Truly speaking, it is not meant to remain in the pages of history books or scriptures.

In the age of innovation and development, the participation of men and women has been envisaged to promote a social culture of equanimity; both the genders are given opportunities to promote socio-economic conditions of state or nation with their best capabilities provided that a safe and sound surrounding is veiled around.

How difficult it is to think of a situation where women cannot move freely or work in a society with fear?

Why do the destiny makers of the nation find excuse time and again to suppress the destitute by giving mere assurances? The politicians are, in fact guardians of our society, how can they ignore plight of common people? Why do they need us to awaken their recess or stolid heart to respond to heinous activities across the nation? Surprisingly, the police and legal system are now understood to have become rudderless.

Undoubtedly, the responsible youth have to come to rescue the deteriorating and repugnant social structure and ill-dispensation of our nation.  
The recent cruel gang-rape incident in Delhi has really shattered the nation as things have gone out of proportion and people have lost faith in the prevailing system of law and order. There are hundreds of such incidences occurring in different states, they are hardly brought to notice or highlighted instead the victims and their families are threatened not to complain to the police or if they happen to lodge the complaint, no response is made by the latter.

It is pertinent, how private buses without permits are plying on Delhi roads and if they have, they violate rules in broad daylight by bribing traffic police and no disciplinary action is taken against them as they generally belong to rich persons with criminal background. How does the transport minister permit such buses and why isn’t he held responsible till now?

A number of unauthorized places exists in Delhi where people hailing from different states come and involve themselves in criminal activities, why aren’t they interrogated and chased out?

The society with two sections of population namely, the literate ones who can be made more responsible, alert and awakened by infusing human values into their minds and the illiterate or rake should be straightened with strict punishment instantly.

We need to ponder over this issue, a meaningful debate in the Power Corridor and outside be done to overcome the defragmented law and order in the society so that our young generation can be bestowed with a bright future and fearless society.   

Dr A Jha