The arrest of Suresh Kalmadi for his alleged graft while organizing the Commonwealth Games (CWG) and inclusion of the name of Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK chief M Karunanidhi, in the chargesheet of 2G spectrum case augurs well about the functioning of the Central Bureau of Investigation. It's better late than never. However, the fact that such grave accusations have been leveled against two serving Parliamentarians, brings the entire political system to disrepute.  In that context, it can’t be ignored that the exercise to book high profile accused is a herculean task, which is quite contrary to the relative ease with which such people bend the system for their benefits. Nobody would deny that the arrest of Kalmadi is a delayed effort. It is also amply clear that action against Raja and Kanimozhi would not have been possible had the Supreme Court not taken charge of the cases. It’s often claimed that everybody is equal before the Law, but the ground reality is completely different. In an era when corruption has become an integral part of Indian society, inaction against the corrupt would weaken the faith of people in democracy and Rule of Law. It has been established time and again that the corrupt and powerful get away easily and those in power are in fact busy defending them. In that context, it’s an open secret what happened in CWG and 2G scam.

One can't find another case similar to what happened during the CWG when the public money was looted from right under the nose of the Central government. Moreover, the 2G spectrum scam was in fact perpetrated despite the government being well aware of the financial irregularities. And that is why the government was in the denial mode right from the beginning and even went to the extent of stating that there was no scam in spectrum allocation. Another shameful aspect of both these scams has been collusion of bureaucrats and corporate. The rat race amongst politicians, bureaucrats and corporate to amass wealth does not bode well for the country. The role of corporate houses in these two scams, especially in the 2G scam, exemplifies how the rotten features of the state machinery have now plagued the corporate sector. The changing trend is a matter of concern because the private sector; similar to government, has an important role to play in the nation building.  If the corporate bypass the ethics of business in their endeavour of maximizing profits, they would reap nothing but disgrace. Unlike politicians, it’s desirable on the part of corporate sector to take lessons from such scams and controversies. It’s time that the corporate houses draw a line for themselves. And the same is desirable from those in the government and administration as well.