The doping scandal involving eight athletes who were tested positive for banned anabolic steroids has embarrassed the nation. It is not fair that the Sports Ministry projects its concern and discomfiture by sacking only Ukrainian coach. It is pertinent that if the Sports Ministry has held officers, players and instructor responsible, why has it taken action against the coach only? It is because he is a foreigner and easy to be  punished. The Ministry, however, has ordered to constitute a committee to investigate into the matter, but it is not enough going by the gravity of situation as the doping scandal has tarnished the image of the country. It is unlikely that the committee will be able to remove the rot in the system. In 2009, lots of weightlifters flunked the dope test and the officials of weightlifting federation disposed of the matter by forcing resignations of the tainted figures. Had the government gone to the bottom of the scandal, the country would not have faced this humiliation. The Sports Ministry must know that the dope scandal has dented the image of India on the international arena and also hit the moral of sports fraternity of the country. Along with economy, the sports activities also are factored in while reckoning the prestige of a country. Players are billed to be ambassador of a country so it is required that they should have impeccable reputation which zooms out the dimension of the country.

It is profound irony that when our athletes were about to leave the country to participate in Asia Championship, eight players flunked in the dope test, out of that many players performed well in CWG and Asiad. Such experienced players did not mistakenly use the banned drugs. It is surprising that why did not sports federation, coach and other concerned officials make sure that such players should not take the banned drugs. The recent case of doping issue clearly indicates that there is no such arrangement which discourages players from taking banned drugs. In face of this situation, it seems that there must be some people in sports federation who are not concerned with the prestige of the country. With a series of doping scandals, it is difficult to say that India is emerging as a powerful sports country. In fact such claim could not be made even in the south Asian countries as they will also look at India with suspicious feeling. Now it will be not enough to say that India is committed to follow the international standard, because the doping scandal has dented the credibility of the country. The doping issue has driven the message that India is lagging behind in making good arrangements in the field of sports.