No mother wants to see her child return with the tiffin uneaten. Here, we are listing the best preferred dishes that kids love to have on their lunch break. With these, no lunch box would return as it is.

Maggi The two-minutes maggi is worth the smile of your kid during school time

Pasta/Macaroni Considered as fast food, but when mixed with vegetables, this can also turn off the child's craving for a tasty yet healthy lunch

SandwichThe taste of sandwich adds on with the filling, be it boiled potatoes, vegetables or cheese spread. Crunchy and Yummm!!

ChowmeinAnother Chinese junk food that will always be favorite of kids

Veg roll This can be nutritious and tasty at the same time

Bread pizzaThis mouth-watering dish turns on the child as soon as he or she opens the tiffin. It tastes pizza, but is bread, and so fills the kid's stomach full

PohaA healthy diet that is also easy to make. When prepared with cashew nuts and vegetables, adds on its taste and appearance

Bread upmaEasy to make and healthy to eat, Bread upma can make your child smile when provided in tiffin

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