The move is being seen as an attempt to minimize monetary loss caused due to the theft of various parts of such vehicles that lie unattended.
The circular which was issued by the Finance Department mentions that a large number of government vehicles declared condemned or fit for condemnation lie outside or inside the office premises without any attention for long period.
"This not only results in further damage but also theft of various parts of such vehicles, thereby causing monetary loss. The matter has been examined in the context of proposals for purchases of new vehicles against condemned vehicles being received in the Finance Department," the circular reads.
The Finance Department pointed out that while submitting proposals for purchase of new vehicles, the administrative department generally does not furnish complete facts with respect to condemned vehicles.
The guidelines stressed that in order to enable the FD to examine the proposal for purchase of new vehicles against condemned ones, the departments should submit details of the unused vehicles.
"Total number of vehicles, year of purchase and distance covered (in kms) as prescribed under Staff Car Rules shall be included in the proposal submitted to FD for purchase of new vehicle.
"That vehicle has been condemned after a certificate has been obtained from one of the following authorities – an electrical and mechanical workshop of the National Airports Authority, or the Workshop of a State Transport Corporation, at locations where the above two are not available, Transport
Workshops under the Central or State Government departments," the circular said.

Further the circular says, “Condemnation of vehicles has to be carried out strictly in compliance with norms as laid down under Staff Car Rules and Delegation of Financial Power Rules".

The administrative department has to carry out auction of the condemned vehicles as per the procedure.
Proceeds on account of auction have to be deposited in the respective designated account. The FD also asked all departments to order purchase of vehicles on if it is absolutely essential.

There are at present 250 to 300 condemned vehicles in all 127 departments of Delhi government.


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