State television showed rescuers, some standing gingerly on the upturned hull of the Eastern Star, and scores of divers working through the night. Only 14 people, including the ship's captain, have been found alive since the ship capsized in a freak tornado on Monday night with 456 people on board. Just 26 bodies have been recovered.

The relatives of dozens of the ship's passengers from the cities of Nanjing and Suzhou urged the government to allow them to gather at the river to watch the rescue operation, according to a statement from 47 family members.

They asked the government to release the names of the living and the dead to them on site, the statement said. In a separate statement, the relatives said they had 'several doubts' about the incident and questions such as why most of the people rescued were crew members, why the boat did not dock, and why the captain and crew members had time to don their life vests but not sound any alarm.
Rescuers have not slackened off, even though about 200 divers face difficulties such as cabin doors blocked by tables and beds. There is also the fear that rashly cutting holes in the hull could burst air pockets keeping people alive. The ship was on an 11-day voyage upstream from the city of Nanjing, near Shanghai, to Chongqing.

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