Mukherjee made the remarks last night at a banquet he hosted for leaders of the 54 African nations who arrived in New Delhi for the Third India-Africa Forum Summit.

The President hailed the drive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the summit. “India and Africa understand each other and for both 'diversity is our lifeblood' as it enriches us and makes us even stronger. It ensures that we value co-existence, dialogue, mutual understanding and peace", President Mukherjee said.

"These are perspectives on the human development that India and Africa share, these are perspectives that we can together contribute to the rest of the world for handling conflicts and crises", he added.

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The remarks came against the backdrop of some recent incidents like Dadri lynching in Uttar Pradesh, beef controversy and burning of a Dalit family in Haryana, which had communal and casteist overtones.

Mukherjee stated the difficult decades of colonial rule and cruel oppression, economic deprivation and racial discrimination may be behind us but the challenges are far from gone.

"We have still to overcome poverty and disease, terrorism and drug trafficking, lack of education and training," he said. The President cited, “Both India and Africa have stood together in days of struggle and we will stand together in this challenging dawn of development. India is ready to share its democratic experience, its agricultural expertise, its capacity building potential, its healthcare institutions, its peacekeepers with our partners from Africa".

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