BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu also said Kejriwal has no moral right to make such a demand as he took Congress support in forming a government in Delhi despite swearing upon his children.
"Here is the Aam Aadmi Party leader who has ditched his mentor Anna Hazare, who had sworn by his children and made a U-turn about the Congress support and who is not divulging details about the money he receives from foreign countries," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
"Let him give his account to the Home Ministry, because it is accusing him of not giving information. Let him give that first. He has no credibility left. He is indulging into sensationalism. I think people are fed up of his sensationalism," he said.
Naidu said Kejriwal "has no right to ask such a question to Modi as he supported the Congress and formed a government after seeking its support to become chief minister. He even swore on his children not to shake hands or take support from Congress, whom he termed as corrupt and communal,” Javadekar added.
"Why did he write to Narendra Modi? We will reply to people, why to them? Why did they support the Congress? The manner he adopted in forming a government with the Congress, he lost his credibility. If people will ask, we will reply," Javadekar further said.
Javadekar asked, "What is the credibility of the one who is questioning Narendra Modi? Somebody who can swear by his children not to seek Congress support but takes it later?"
He said Modi has proved his credibility with years of sacrifice and struggle and governance and performance. In a letter to Modi, Kejriwal asked him to make the election expenses of BJP public and also the people who fund the party's poll campaign.


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