Rajaundh: As Diwali festival inches closer, markets are witnessing more festive fervour. One can easily see market full of buyers. On the other hand, shops are charmingly decorated that is a great way to get into the festive mood.

Despite the harvest season for paddy on full swing, the buyers are not lagging behind in purchasing festive stuff. Markets are flooded with Chinese articles said the villagers. Even our deities are also china made.

Sparkling Diwali lights, candles, lamps, other electronic gadgets and even show pieces are imported from China. “As Diwali nears, local markets are full of China-made stuff”, said a gift shop owner.

Demands for cheap and fancy China-made Diwali items have increased sharply this year, a survey has revealed. The main reason for the sale of these articles is their cheap price. Survey found that the colour used in China-made toys may harm the health of children.


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