Dish name: Bhindi ka Raita

Dish Type: Side dish

Raita acts as cooler in contrast to the hot and spicy chutneys and spicy Indian food.


200 gm curd

50 gm ladies finger

50 ml oil

20 gm chopped green corianders

Salt (according to taste)


Step 1: Remove the crown and the tip of ladies fingers. Cut it into thin round slices.

Step 2: Shallow fry the ladies fingers till they turn golden.

Step 3: Beat curd and add fried ladies fingers in it.

Step 4: Sprinkle green coriander leaves before serving.

Note: In South India, where foods is generally hotter than in the North, natural yogurt and boiled rice are traditionally served at the end of a meal to calm the stomach down.

Dish name: Makhana Raita

Dish type: Side dish

Taste: Salty

Makhana raita is a yogurt or 'dahi' dish made of makhana that makes an important part of a North Indian, everyday meal.


200 gm curd

50 gm Euryl ferox (mahana)

5 ml oil

20 gm chopped coriander leaves

Salt (according to taste)


Step 1: Heat oil in a pan.

Step 2: Fry the makhana in it.

Step 3: Beat curd and mix salt, fried makhana and coriander in it and your makhana raita is ready to be served.

Note: Dishes like biriyanies, pulaos and khitchries are excellent served with a bowl of chilled raita. Many raitas are suitable for use as small 'dips', but generally served in generous portions with a meal.

Dish name: Balai Ka Tukra

Dish type: Dessert

Taste: Sweet

This delicious recipe is also called shahi tukra .This is a mouth watering sindhi recipe and a great dessert for times when you are in hurry. Don’t miss to devour on this royal dessert in this auspicious festival.


250 ml milk

30 gm sugar

2 gm fragrant screw pine

10 gm pistachios

30 gm dried whole milk

6 slices of bread

10 threads of saffron



Step 1:
Remove the brown side of the bread.

Step 2: Heat ghee in a pan and deep fry breads in medium till they turn into golden brown colour.

Step 3: keep 50 gm milk separately. Boil rest of the milk.

Step 4: Add sugar, crushed dried whole milk and simmer the milk until it’s reduces to a thick but pouring consistency.

Step 5: Mix saffron threads.

Step 6: Soak bread slices in the stored milk and place them on serving plates.

Step 7: Pour the thick milk over the arranged bread. Garnish it with fragrant screw pine and pistachios.

Step 8:
Serve chilled or warm as per your wish .

(Recipes given by Sous Chef Nitin Ranjan and Master Chef Sartaj Khan)