Here are few ideas to protect your mobile phones in more stylish way, without spending much.

Anchor case:
If you are a aquatic person and want to set sail with your case, you can use a die-cutting printer to create a anchor symbol to achieve a similar look. Always remember to try cut the symbol with vinyl decals for the perfect result.

Stud case:
Girls love studs on everything whether its on shirts, sandals, wallets, totes or a mobile cover. You can buy stud sheets which are now easily available in the market rather than traditional one which need lot of hard work by gluing one by one.


Photo collage: We love the memory vibe with our phones all the time by seeing the pictures of our loved ones. You can create a photo collage of your loved ones according to your phone size and get laminated on your phone as a back cover. This will make your phone more special and full of memories.

Map cases: If you have wanderlust within you and you are a traveller. You can create a mobile case with grooving maps of your favorite places, just cut the map size according to your clear phone cases and stick it. You can easily change it every week with your different places.




Pressed flower cases: Dry some beautiful flowers of your choice and create a gorgeous case out of it once they are dried. This gorgeous look will give you a feeling of Midsummer night's dream!!

Pearl case: If you want a insanely girly look and you need a full girly material for your phone case then  you can customize your phone with old clip- on and pearls. The pearl look will give a classy and vintage look to your phone.

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