New Delhi: The Delhi Jal Board has outrightly rejected the report published in a foreign journal about the presence of superbugs in drinking water in the national capital. The DJB said it cleans the water according to the standards prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Delhi Jal Board CEO Ramesh Negi, while speaking to the mediapersons said, “There is no fear of superbug in the drinking water. A report published in the medical journal itself says that superbug cannot exist or grow in drinking water due to the presence of chlorine, which is used to clean the water. There are complaints about the contamination of water but the reason is yet to be ascertained.”

Negi agreed that there is quite a possibility of mixing of tap water and drain water in the samples which have shown positive results of presence of superbug. It is possible as both the drain and water lines run parallel, he said.

According to the report, out of 50 samples, superbugs were found in two of them. The affected samples belong to Ramesh Nagar. Negi said there is no mention of superbug in the BIS standard, so this is a matter of research. 

The CEO said, “We want to remove the fear from the minds of people in Delhi that the drinking water is not safe. We test the samples in our laboratory and then it is sent to Environment Engineering Research Institute on a regular basis. The institute tests the physical, chemical and micro-biological aspect of the water. ”

JPN/ Bureau