"The BJP government is once again trying to subvert the democratic process by re-promulgating the land acquisition ordinance with the support of anti-farmer parties like the AIADMK," he said in his Facebook page.

Holding that the Supreme Court had in the past warned against the creation of 'ordinance raj' he asked, "why is the BJP government in such a hurry to push these amendments through?"

"Is this a payback to the corporates who funded their election campaigns? Why is the AIADMK supporting such an anti-people bill," he said.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in a Kisan rally in Delhi on Sunday, had launched an all-out attack on the government and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of bringing the Land Bill to "pay back huge loans" taken from corporates in the Lok Sabha polls.

The Land Acquisition Bill is an issue that affects all landowners in India since land, whether in rural or urban areas, was the only social security that many Indians had, Stalin said while asking his party's arch rival, AIADMK to reconsider its support for the legislation.

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