Joining issue with Katju's remarks on Karunanidhi's assets, party's Organisation Secretary R S Bharathy said the DMK president had clearly stated that his only property was his Gopalapuram residence, which he had donated for charity after his times to be used as a hospital.
"Even after making such declarations, making personal attacks is demeaning and intentional," he said in a statement.
Responding to Katju's questions on what were the assets of Karunanidhi's children, Muthu, Alagiri, Stalin and Kanimozhi, Bharathy said they were 'responsible' individuals who were prompt in declaring their income and paying income tax.
"Why is a retired Judge of Supreme Court repeatedly indulging in senseless personal attacks on leaders who are in public life? Why are the attacks happening despite Kalaignar (Karunanidhi) declaring that he doesn't want to make your opinions a matter of debate? What is the instigating factor? What was the price fixed for that" Bharathy asked.
Bharathy putforth a series of questions before Justice Katju, seeking to know details of assets of himself as judge and now as PCI chairman, those of his father, grandfather, his wife, children and their spouses. He had also not talked on issues like caste-based oppression and sexual violence, he added.
He demanded to know what were the assets of his uncle, former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court PN Katju before his taking over and now.
"I strongly condemn your remarks against Kalaignar. You should tender an unconditional apology for that. I warn that legal action will be initiated against you if you repeat the personal attacks and make defaming remarks against him," he said.

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