New Delhi: Hours after threatening to pull out of the UPA coalition government in connection with the rollback of petrol price hike, 88-year-old DMK patriarch made a u-turn and said that he never threatened the Centre of a pull out over the issue.

"I never said we will come out. I only spoke of the past that we came out when centre didn't listen to us. This is media mischief. We have no condition that if they don't rollback, we will come out of UPA. If we come out, the Centre would become weak, We don''t wish that. I'm hearing the Prime Minister wants to work for the welfare of the people and that he's thinking about the trouble the common man is facing," he said.

While addressing a large gathering of party supporters to protest against the Central government for hiking petrol prices and the state government for increasing bus fares and milk prices, Karunanidhi said, "The DMK has been part of central coalitions in the past - with the BJP, with VP Singh.

Though we are part of the central coalition but haven't hesitated to stop anti-people policies. We will try to sail with the Centre as much as we can but if it's not possible, we will leave to uphold our principles and policies. I hope the central and state governments will not give room to drive us to that extent.”


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