"There is a marked improvement in travel speed as travelling by Metro is much faster. It takes only 80 minutes to travel a distance of 45 km from Jahagirpuri to HUDA City Centre in Gurgaon. By road, it would have taken more than 3 hours," said Anuj Dayal, DMRC Executive Director (Corporate Communications).

Travelling by metro has also resulted in reduction of 591 accidents annually, out of which 110 could have been fatal, he said.

There was a reduction of green house gas emissions by 4,57,615 CO2 equivalent tonnes annually, Dayal said.

As per a CRRI study, 2011, metro trains helped save about 1,06,493 tonnes of fuel and the cost of fuel saved is Rs 1,588 crores per year as passengers who used metro would have otherwise travelled by their motorized transport.

Besides, 1,17,249 vehicles are off the road daily with more and more people preferring to commute by Metro.

Travelling by metro helps save 786 g of CO2 equivalent per passenger per trip.


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