New Delhi: The Delhi Metro riders who have been facing problems owing to technical snags in trains can take a sigh of relief, as Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to install hi-tech signal system in the phase III of extension the network.
The new signal will be based on radio technology. Presently, 190-kilometer long railway lines are operational with old signal systems.

With this new signaling system, DMRC has decided to run the trains at the intervals of 90 seconds, while the current minimum frequency between trains is 2.5 minutes.

Operating trains at the short intervals can be possible only with fast and high tech signal system, stated DMRC authorities.
As per DMRC spokesperson, the new signaling system would bring the immediate benefit of a higher level of safety and regularize the train schedule. Under the new signal system, the maintenance is relatively simple and would be possible to monitor trains very closely.

The current system where data flows between the OCC (operations control centre) and the control centre in the station on to the computer in the train via the track circuits installed in the track. Through this track circuit box, the control room gets information about the activity of the trains. However, the information of location picked up on the grid isnot precise.

But the new radio signal system would more effective in communication regarding controlling and monitoring of trains.
With the new system, the exact location can be communicated, saving seconds between each train, leading to a better management of the movement.

Presently, 1,000 metro coaches are in operation. The number is set to go to 1,800 in 2016.