Kanpur: A piece of news that would provide warmth to the Indian soldiers forced to put up a brave face even in extreme winter climatic conditions. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has created smart fibers to prevent the sweat, of Indian soldiers deployed at the extreme Northern borders, from converting into ice. 

Addressing a seminar on Fibers and Fabrics by Defence Material and Store Research and Development (DMSRDE), Dr Vasudev and DMSRDE director Dr Arvind Saxena informed that the dress provided to the soldiers deployed at high altitudes (Leh and Ladakh) will keep them warm as the fabric will not let sweat evaporate. This makes them prone to high altitude illness.

“With the help of smart fibres, cool breeze would not enter inside the clothes and prevent soldiers from the biting cold. Besides, nano fibres and nano silver coating would make uniform hygienic and prevent bacterial growth,” said Vasudev.

The new uniform will be handed over to the Army within next five years. Meanwhile, the soldiers will also be provided with Gater shoes to prevent from leech living in snow.

More so, scientists have also discovered special plants that can be easily grown in rough climate of Leh and Ladhak.

Vasudev also informed that National Disaster Management along with DRDO is playing a crucial role in Leh.

JPN/ Bureau