Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday said he was in favour of selection of MPLAD projects strictly through a ‘tender’ process and not through ‘nominations’.

In his opinion, the fund should be done away with at first place but if the Centre insists on implementing it by a state agency, it should be done through strict tenders and not through MPs selection.

Since MLA fund was demolished in the state, the work force involved in the agency executing the scheme has now been transferred to other departments.

“We don’t want District Magistrates to get engaged in construction related works, it should be done by a central agency,” Nitish said.

“If we will work on the schemes we will work on it through strict tenders”, he added.

"We had put forward the demand of providing six percent of the additional cost of the MPLAD projects to meet the establishment cost of the agency to be engaged in the task but the Centre has agreed to provide 2 percent, which is not enough," Nitish observed.

"We have now now decided to set up a Regional Engineering Organisation (REO) led by a Chief Engineer after the MLAs/MLCs Local Area Development schemes were scrapped by us," he said.
"The REO will work on implementing the schemes under MPLAD maintaining full transparency. The MPs will be sending the list of the projects and the REO will submit the estimates for each of the projects", he said, adding only after the clearance obtained from MPs, the REP would take up the process of issuing tenders for executing the jobs.