"Do they want to murder him? Is this why they indulged in arson? Do they want to attack me and Bhushan? What do they want?" Kejriwal asked the media.

Kejriwal underlined that both Bhushan and the Aam Aadmi Party had clarified Bhushan's purported comments on army deployment in Kashmir which had sparked a furore.

The Chief Minister said that the attackers were free to assault him and Bhushan if they felt that would end the Kashmir dispute."But violence does not resolve national problems," he added.

Some 25 to 40 men hailing from the Hindu Raksha Dal stormed the AAP head office at Kaushambi in Ghaziabad and broke windows and flower pots, abused AAP leaders and threatened to target the party in the future too. The AAP head office is located close to Kejriwal's residence.

The Chief Minister underlined that Hindu god Rama would not have created a ‘sena’ like the one which attacked the AAP office.

Describing himself as a Hindu by religion, he urged the attackers to follow the principles of Rama. Kejriwal said the AAP would not retaliate. "We have no intention of taking revenge," he said.


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