According to a survey, amongst the working population, 38 percent spend time sitting and only 20 percent devote time to walking and the rest either sleeping or standing.
The study on walking behaviour was conducted among 1,300 citizens across 4 cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur from December 2015 to January 2016.
Long working hours have emerged as the biggest barrier to walking amongst professionals, according to the study.
While long office hours stop Delhi (27 percent) and Mumbai (25 percent) employees from walking, in Pune (21 percent) and Jaipur (13 percent) do not walk due to long daily commute.
Long working hours have also emerged as an impediment towards walking for 26 percent working women.
The study also revealed pollution as a key deterrent to walking with 16 percent Indians not walking regularly due to rising pollution levels.

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