Researchers have found that our drinking water is to a large extent purified by millions of 'good bacteria' found in water pipes and purification plants.     
A glass of clean drinking water actually contains ten million bacteria. But that is how it should be - clean tap water always contains harmless bacteria, researchers said.
These bacteria and other microbes grow in the drinking water treatment plant and on the inside of our water pipes, which can be seen in the form of a thin, sticky coating – a so-called biofilm.
All surfaces from the raw water intake to the tap are covered in this biofilm.
These findings show that the diversity of species of bacteria in water pipes is huge, and that bacteria may play a larger role than previously thought.
Among other things, the researchers suspect that a large part of water purification takes place in the pipes and not only in water purification plants.
At least a couple of thousand different species live in the water pipes. According to the researchers there is a connection between the composition of bacteria and water quality.
Although the research was conducted in southern Sweden, bacteria and biofilms are found all over the world, in plumbing, taps and water pipes.

The research was published in the journal Microbes and Environments.


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